Animalfood Products is a young and dynamic Dutch company,specialising in the development and manufacturing of food products for dogs and carps.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the field, plus extensive
knowledge of developing mechanical processing lines for the food industry, our experience and expertise allows us to manufacturelarge volumes of complex and prestigious top-end animal food products to a very high standard.

We produce our carpbaits in three market segments: a baitfeeder range, basic line, and a premium line. Each with different ingredients and pricing strategy.

• Private and bespoke branding
• Large-scale production
• Express delivery available
• Attractive prices
• Products available without sugar, grain and gluten



Content At Animalfood products we believe the health of the dog is very important, which is why we use good-quality and fresh ingredients. Also products available without sugar, grain and gluten.

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Besides producing dog snacks we also produce many products for carp fishing, as Boilies, Pellets, Mini Boilies, Pop Ups, Flavours
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